Here is the story behind our club logo.  The script Sierra Nevada was originally designed by Glenn Weaver for use with window decals.  It uses the Mistral font set.  We pay homage to Glenn by retaining this design feature.  We added the phrase "A Motoring Club" to ensure that there is no confusion about what SNMC is.  We are not a Mini car dealership.  The use of black and red reflects the colors used extensively by Mini USA on its website and many of its promotional materials.  The snow-covered mountains on the logo depict Jobs Peak in Douglas County, Nevada, which is part of the greater Sierra Nevada mountain range.  The pine trees depict the forests that cover much of the Sierras and the foothills in and around much of western Nevada.  The river depicts the Carson River, which flows from the Sierras through Douglas County, Carson City, Lyon County, and other parts of western Nevada. The clear blue sky depicts the pollution-free nature of the much of western Nevada and the Lake Tahoe Basin where most of our members reside. The twisty road is self explanatory to Mini owners.  The volcanic orange MINI depicts one of the newest color offerings available on the 2014 MINI.  Finally, the year the club was established (2005) is shown in the euro-style front license plate.

A tip of the hat goes to Loreen Hautekeet and Tina Avitia at Treasure Mountain Apparel in Carson City, Nevada, for the excellent work that resulted in the logo we now have.  Also, a big thank you to Vance Hughey and Rod Dimmitt for their design suggestions and efforts to make the logo possible.
Our Club Logo

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