Death Valley
Death Valley—2 Night Overnighter

Date:  April 1-3, 2022
Time:  7:30 AM at Savemart on North Carson St.
Destination:  Death Valley, California
In looking at lodging, we had some suggestions that folks wanted to stay in the Valley vs. staying in Beatty.  It is much more expensive staying in the Death Valley vs. in Beatty.  I have links below to lodging options and things to do in Death Valley.  Scotty's Castle and the road to it, NV 267, is closed due to a flooding event in 2015.  We would have to enter the Park via Hwy 95 and in Beatty catch NV 374 to Stovepipe Wells and Furnace Creek.  With the potential of some members staying inside the park and some staying in Beatty, we would meet for lunches and or dinners, and select a meeting place for the morning runs for those that may be interested and publish the restaurants and times to meet for lunch and dinner.  We thought that we would go home via the West entrance to Death Valley, Hwy 190 to Lone Pine, and up Hwy 395 through Bishop, weather permitting. 

I have attached links below for lodging and "Things To Do."  We will pick some basics to do in the mornings, meeting at a location in the park, visit some of the basic points of interest in the mornings and folks can be on their own for the afternoon, after lunch.  We will publish a meeting time and place in the park for lunch and dinners.  We plan on meeting Friday April 1st in Carson City, at 7:30am, departing at 7:45am, at the Savemart on North Carson St. and head south via Hwy 95, through Tonopah to Beatty.  We will have lunch on our way down in Tonopah, at the Tonopah Brewing Company.  If you are interested in joining us, please let me know, if you have not already.  Let me know if you have any questions!  Rod.

One of the lodging choices in Death Valley is "The Ranch at Death Valley" located in Furnace Creek, which is $260 per night on  The other two lodging options in the Valley are $500+ per night.  This place has a restaurant and bar, so we would be able to meet there for meals.
Another lodging choice in Death Valley is in Stove Pipe Wells, at the "Stovepipe Wells Hotel and Restaurant".  The rate for a King room is $226 per night.

Lodging outside of Death Valley would be in Beatty, at the Death Valley Inn, which is $87 per night. on  There are several places to eat in Beatty.  The drive time to Furnace Creek from Beatty is about 45 minutes.  Furnace Creek is the main town in Death Valley.

The road to Scotty's Castle, along with the Castle itself is closed due to a flood in 2015, that is still under repair according to the Death Valley National Park Service website.

The Ranch at Death Valley:

Stovepipe Wells Lodging:

Death Valley Hotel | Stovepipe Wells | Death Valley Hotels
Have a burning desire for adventure? Looking for the experience of a lifetime? Then, you’ve made the right choice in Death Valley hotels. Stovepipe Wells Village Hotel, located right in Death Valley National Park, is the ultimate destination for adventure travelers.

The Death Valley Inn - Beatty Nevada:

Home - Death Valley Inn
Death Valley Things To Do:
Sightseeing- Park Highlights - Death Valley National Park (U.S. National Park Service)
At over 3.4 million acres, there is a lot to see in Death Valley National Park! In a park this large, deciding which sites to visit can be overwhelming.