How to Join

As an informal group of Mini enthusiasts, we do not require payment of dues. 

To join, you must simply sign a waiver of liability form and participate in any of our events.  You must carry your own insurance and are responsible for following all laws governing driving on public roads.

If you would like to be included in our blast emails about upcoming activities, send a note to Rod Dimmitt at

Other than that, enjoy the drive!

Advice for Participating in Our Events

Two-way radios — SNMC members are encouraged to bring a two-way radio on all club runs.  The radios provide car-to-car communication, which is useful when running in a group.  The lead MINI will typically call out road hazards such as rocks in the road, or bicycle riders ahead.  However, be mindful of laws against distracted driving.

These are FRS radios that are readily available at Wal-Mart and online at  FRS radios do not require a license to operate. They usually are sold in pairs and have rechargeable batteries.  Like many Mini Cooper clubs, we use channel 7, sub-channel 21 (7-21).

Motorola is a popular brand of radio used by club members.  They’ve proven to be reliable and are simple to program and operate.  Midland is another popular brand.  Expect to pay $50-$150 for a good pair of radios.

Waivers — SNMC members must have on file a waiver of liability before participating in driving events.  Go to our Waiver page.  You can print a copy of the waiver form, fill it out and sign it, and bring it to any SNMC event.

Gas — SNMC members are encouraged to fill their gas tanks prior to assembling for driving events.  We do not anticipate holding up the beginning of an event while someone stops for gas.  On particularly long runs, we will plan gas stops.

Facilities — SNMC members are encouraged to use restroom facilities prior to assembling for driving events.  We do not anticipate holding up the beginning of an event while someone stops to use the facilities.  On particularly long runs, we will plan rest stops along the way.
An award winning motoring club established in 2005 for the benefit of Mini Cooper enthusiasts in western Nevada and northern California.
Regarding the Use of Hand-Held
Electronic Devices While Driving in

Please be advised of Nevada's law
concerning the operation of cell phones
and other hand-held electronic devices
(including two-way radios).  We aren't
sure how strict law enforcement officers
might be concerning communication
between vehicles while we are
participating in our events.  Therefore,
we advise that, if possible, you bring a
navigator along with you to operate
your two-way radio.  Otherwise, you
may want to consider using a
hands-free device in conjunction with
your two-way radio.  You may also turn
on your two-way radio but just listen for
alerts from others.  Click on the graphic
below to see the actual wording of
Nevada's law (Nevada Revised
Statutes 484B.165).
Welcome to Our Website
Our next event is a movie night and show & shine at Mini of Reno on Friday, June 16, 2023.

Informational note:  This website will no longer be updated, but the Sierra Nevada Minis will continue to provide great driving experiences and camaraderie.

Look us up on FaceBook or contact Rod Dimmitt at
Everybody stay safe and don't let this Covid-19 thing get you down.