Over the years, several of our members have acquired specialized tools for working on their Mini Coopers.  They have generously agreed to make them available for use by other members.  Any borrowing arrangements made are between the lender and the borrower.  SNMC merely facilitates tool sharing by providing a forum for listing the available tools, which are listed below.  If you have tools that you would like to share with other members, contact the webmaster with a description of the tools, a photo or two as appropriate, and contact information.
Specialized Mini Cooper Tools
Cam timing tools for both N-14 & N-12 engines—both cam-lock sets, a flywheel 90 degree locking pin, and a dummy timing chain tensioner.  Available from Walt Nelson (carolanwaltn@sbcglobal.net).
Front strut removal sockets—A couple of "special" sockets used to remove front struts and install Koni's (Koni uses a different size nut for the R56, so it takes 2 sockets).  Note that earlier models, i.e., R53, have a different size nut than the R56.  Don't know about Koni's for the R53.  Anyhow, these sockets are held / turned with an open end style wrench.  The large hole is for the required allen wrench to keep the shock from turning while loosening / tightening the nut.  Mini uses a very tall socket with a large cutout in the side for the allen wrench—about $40—and it won't fit the R56 Koni's.  Available from Walt Nelson (carolanwaltn@sbcglobal.net).
Fuel injector seal set—This is for the direct injection (DI) teflon seal on a R56 N14.  We're not sure what other models use DI.  Available from Walt Nelson (carolanwaltn@sbcglobal.net).
Supercharger pulley puller tool—Available from Manny Rosas (mannyrosas15@gmail.com).
Belt tensioner tool—Available from Manny Rosas (mannyrosas15@gmail.com).